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####-# LOT REF EO STERILE Date of manufacture 5.1.3 Manufacturer 5.1.1 Indicates the medical device manufacturer as defined in EU Directives 90/385/EEC, 93/42/EEC and 9B, 79/EC. Indicates the date when the medical device was manufactured. Use-by date 5.1.4 Indicates the date after which the medical device is not to be used. Do not re-use 5.4.2 Indicates a medical device that is intended for one use, or for use on a single patient during a single procedure. Sterlized using ethylene oxide 5.2.3 Indicates a medical device that has been sterilized using ethylene oxide. Catalogue number 5.1.6 Indicates the manufacturer's catalogue number so that the medical device can be identified. Batch code 5.1.5 Indicates the manufacturer's batch code so that the batch or lot can be identified. Consult instructions for use 5.4.3 Indicates the need for the user to consult the instructions for use. 2 STERILIZE NON STERILE Non-sterile 5.2.7 Indicates a medical device that has not been subjected to a sterilization process. Do not resterilize 5.2.6 5.2.8 Indicates a medical device that is not to be resterilized. Do not use if package is damaged Indicates a medical device that should not be used if the package has been damaged or opened. Caution 5.4.4 Indicates the need for the user to consult the instructions for use for important cautionary information such as warnings and precautions that cannot, for a variety of reasons, be presented on the medical device itself. Symbol glossary BS EN ISO 15223-1_2016 Reference Number Description of Symbol Title Symbol
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