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REMOVE suture and suture tube from tray by grasping suture tube at suture release feature and pulling suture tube completely out of tray.

INSERT suture into the suture track as shown; may require pulling ferrule and suture further out of suture tube.

PULL suture to seat ferrule into ferrule compartment in the distal end of the device tip. It may help to guide the ferrule with a finger. Make sure ferrule is fully seated behind latch.

FIRE & RESET to ensure suture is loaded properly. To avoid jamming the ferrule into the ferrule compartment, orient the suture directly away from the jaw as shown. Squeeze the lever to advance the needle through the jaw and into the newly loaded ferrule. Release the lever to pick up and retract the ferrule with attached suture back on the needle into the shaft. While continuing to orient the suture as shown, squeeze the lever to advance the needle, ferrule, and suture forward through the jaw to reset the ferrule into its compartment. Release the lever again and retract back the now-empty needle, leaving the ferrule and suture ready for patient use.

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